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About us

Out of longing for the time when the word "standard" did not mean universal unification and impersonality, we created the Victorian Hostel. As the name suggests, we refer to the times when the word "more" meant "more", and the beauty of the interior was represented by beautiful objects, a unique atmosphere, charm and individuality.

In a word - the spirit of the place. After all, depending on where we relax and spend our free time, it depends on how we remember them.

Rooms & Apartments

Special offers

Another night cheaper

Second and subsequent days with a 10% discount.

A romantic weekend

Two weekend days (from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday) include an invitation for any tea or coffee and cake at a nearby tea room.

I’m in a hurry …

You need a room for less than a day – negotiate the price, we have cheap accommodation in Lodz.

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