1. The Regulations apply to all persons staying at the Victorian Hostel.
    The hostel reception is open until 22:00 and check-in is possible until this time. The desire to check-in must be notified by phone on the day of arrival by 20:00 at the latest.
  2. Hostel prices are given in PLN and include 8% VAT. Prices depend on the season, the number of available places in the hostel and various types of promotions.
  3. Guests are subject to prices that are published and confirmed at the time making reservations.
  4. The fee for the stay is collected from the Guest on arrival (in advance) – at the latest one hour from arrival.
  5. The basis for checking in is the presentation of an ID card or passport and signing of a registration card.
  6. The hotel day lasts from 14:00 to 12.00.
  7. Persons not registered in the facility may stay on its premises from 11:00 to 21:00.
  8. From 22:00 to 7:00 there is a curfew. The hostel may refuse to continue providing services to a person who has violated this rule.
  9. If you do not leave the room on the day of departure by 12:00 and the room this is reserved for the next Guests, the hostel staff have the right to enter the room without the Guest being present, packing his belongings and placing them in the luggage room.
  10. You can store your luggage free of charge before starting / ending the hotel day only on the day of arrival and departure.
  11. The hotel guest is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of the hostel’s equipment and technical devices arising from his fault or the fault of the people visiting him.
  12. In the case of groups (min. 6 people), the hostel reserves the right to charge a deposit of 50 PLN / person at check-in. as security against possible damage caused by guests.
  13. Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the entire property. In case of violation of this rule, guests will be charged a fee of 400 PLN to refresh the room.
  14. In the event of inappropriate or / and aggressive Guest behavior, violating the order of the hostel, the dignity of other people or their personal rights, the hostel reserves the right to call the Police, City Guards or security staff and ask the Guest to leave the hostel without the possibility of a refund for any unused accommodation.
  15. The hostel may refuse to check-in a guest who is clearly under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. In this case, the hostel reserves the right to totally or partially withhold the payment due for the Guest’s stay.
  16. Pets are allowed in hotel rooms. Additional fees and restrictions apply. If you want to visit us with your pet, please contact us in advance to arrange the details.
  17. In an emergency, please call (+48) 570-911-911
  18. The owner of the hostel is not responsible for failures due to his fault (lack of electricity, water, heating, internet access, etc.).
  19. Renting a room is tantamount to acceptance of the above regulations.